We stock a complete range of wireless indoor, outdoor and perimeter detectors. Including motion detectors with integrated cameras that can take snapshots of an event happening inside your home.


We stock wireless smoke, gas, CO and flood detectors to keep your home safe.

Elderly care - Gain peace of mind

Water resistant wristbands and panic buttons are available for the elderly that can alert you in case of emergency or lack of movement.

Agility™ 3

Agility™ 3 offers a new concept in home security systems, giving you total control at all times.

A state-of-the-art wireless intruder alarm system that offers you the best in home security. Connect to your home - either with the Smartphone application or your PC, and enjoy a host of benefits including the choice to view the inside of your home with the visual verification capability, and the option to arm or disarm the system, wherever you are.

All images taken are saved on the RISCO server, RISCO Cloud so that you always have a record of events, should you need it. You decide, you're in control.

To see a full description of how Risco's Agility™ 3 Systems can help you, download their brochure.