Keep your property protected and monitored around the clock with our range of commercial security systems, in and around Gwynedd.

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Having CCTV installed in and around your commercial property is a great step towards protecting your property. Security is multifaceted, so installing a combination of solutions gives you the highest level of safety.

Control access to the entire site, or individual rooms with door entry systems. Detect movement outside of business hours with motion sensors. Trigger alarms and a 999 call in the event of unusual activity with reactive burglar alarms.

All of our security systems can be upgraded to smart systems so that they can be linked together and accessed by authorised personnel, from any device.

This means that you can receive a notification any time the system is triggered, allowing you to act quickly and minimise impact.

Every day without a security system is a risk. Stop taking risks today and get your commercial property protected with Cambrian Electrical. Get in touch with our team to organise a site visit.

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