Sprinkler & Mist fire suppression

Keep your family and belongings protected from fire with reactive fire sprinklers for your home in or around Gwynedd

Keeping your home protected

Having a working fire alarm is an effective alert in the event of a fire, giving time to get you and your family to safety. While the alert is invaluable, a fire has to generate heat and smoke to activate that warning.

Depending on the size of the fire, a lot of irreversible damage can happen in this time. Best case scenario, it’s all just material belongings, but it could be much worse.

Fire sprinkler systems, which are now a legal requirement in Wales, are independent fire suppression systems that suppress or extinguish fire at the very early stages allowing safe escape and reducing material damage.

Our sister brand, Sprinkle Safe, designs, installs and maintains high-quality fire sprinkler systems and high-pressure water mist systems. Fire sprinklers require enormous amounts of water often supplied by tanks and pumps. Thanks to their intuitive design, ICO high-pressure water mist systems can be connected directly to your water supply so that you barely notice it’s there until it’s needed. 

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iCO® offers a more effective, cost-efficient, sustainable and less damaging alternative to conventional fire sprinkler systems.

The iCO® Patented Technology has been developed to disperse a fine, high-pressure water mist, ensuring that the water evaporates as quickly as possible: decelerating the combustion process much more effectively than a conventional fire sprinkler system.

SprinkleSafe are proud to be one of the only fully accredited companies in the country  (Through Cambrian Electrical) providing the iCO® systems and all the safety and reassurance gained through these systems

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Keep your family and belongings protected from fire with reactive fire sprinklers for your home in or around Gwynedd

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